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Tired of questionable ideas? Invest in a promising product at a high stage of readiness, with a comprehensible and strong monetization.
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About the Project

While everyone is talking about innovation, we are making them.

Battle of Titans is a mobile PvP arena with a well-thought, proven and comprehensible monetization, as well as ambitious plans for the future.
Our project ceased to be an idea in 2016, when we received the first seed investment of $1 million. Of course, this would not happen if the team had no huge experience in the development of mobile games (including ones super successful in commercial terms, with a profitability of $40-50 million per year.) and a fanatical love for what we do.

At the moment, we have a playable iOS version of the product, 95% ready to launch.
The game launch in the App Store is scheduled for November of this year, after ICO and introducing CryptoGames tokens (BTT) to crypto-exchanges.

We already have a dedicated community, which is looking forward to have the game on iOS devices. To appreciate the genuine interest and prospects of the project, just look at our groups on social networks, or see a number of people who watched our video in youtube.

But, this is just a beginning and we want to go much further, having developed full-fledged Windows, Playstation and Xbox versions of the game with monetization tied to the cryptocurrency!

Plans for the future

Recently, many projects, including successful ICO, appeal to the gaming market and want to associate the blockchain technology with the purchase of in-game items, as well as with the cyber sport component where it comes to finances.

We also see the future in this, but we want to approach, in our opinion, it more reliably. Namely, we want to be attached to our own successful game product, which generates the need for cryptocurrency, and use it to create an infrastructure for connection of third-party services to our service. That's the way Valve did once, having organized the Steam service.

2015-2020 Global gaming market

Mobile market

+99.8% 2015-2020 $64.9 billion in 2020
PC Games
Browser Games
Mobile $32.6 Bln
$ 100.1Bln
24% 5% 31% 10% 30%
Mobile $38.6 Bln
$ 101.1Bln
23% 4% 31% 10% 32%
Mobile $46.1 Bln
$ 108.8Bln
23% 4% 31% 10% 32%
Mobile $52.7 Bln
$ 115.8Bln
21% 4% 30% 10% 35%
Mobile $57.7 Bln
$ 122.7Bln
19% 4% 30% 10% 37%
Mobile $64.9 Bln
$ 128.5Bln
19% 3% 28% 10% 40%
Start of the project.
Raising of $1 000 000 from a private investor.
Finished Alpha version of the game for iOS devices.
01.05.17 - 01.09.17
Beta tests of iOS version of the game.
22.09.17 - 06.10.17
07.10.17 - 07.11.17
Launch of iOS version of the game, available for download in AppStore.
Launch of a marketing campaign aimed at installing the game in AppStore. This will allow us to faster attract new players and start making profits; we plan to invest 20-30% of it in the purchase of our own tokens.
Putting tokens to an open sale at one of the top 5 crypto-exchanges and a buyback of tokens that cost 25% of the raised investments. We want to support the growth of the value of our tokens – read more about this in the white paper.
01.12.17 - 01.06.18
When achieving $3 000 000 – accelerated development and launch of the game for Android devices in parallel with marketing and involvement of players to the iOS version of the game.
When achieving $10 000 000 – strengthening of marketing activity and attracting new installations of iOS and Android versions of game. This will allow us to develop even faster, increasing profits; we plan to invest 20-30% of it in buying our own tokens.
01.01.18 - 01.01.19
01.06.18 - 01.12.18
Development and implementation of a blockchain platform, which will allow users to spend BTT tokens for the purchase of in-game items.
When reaching $20 000 000, we will be able to quickly develop and introduce a more complex and interesting service allowing to connect third-party developers and their game projects to our project. Besides buying in-game items in connected games, we will be able to conduct decentralized cyber sport contests in BoT and other games.
01.03.18 - 01.12.18
01.03.18 - 01.03.20
When reaching $30 000 000, we start developing a fully featured PC version of the game, which can fully reveal the features of in-game purchases for BTT cryptotokens. It also expands the possible profits of our company from several million to tens of millions of dollars per month.
When reaching $40 000 000, in the shortest terms we start developing console versions of games. Development will be in parallel with marketing activities to attract new players to mobile versions, as well as development of the blockchain service for in-game purchases and cyber sport contests using BTT tokens.
01.03.18 - 01.08.20

ICO will start in

BTT токены будут доступны для покупки
в рамках основного ICO 07.10.17


and get a bonus of up to 14% of tokens

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Our team
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Nikolay Karpov
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Sergey Pavlov
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Vladimir Rudev
Cofounder&Lead Backend Engineer
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Kirill Bychkov
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Vladimir Karpov
UI engineer, Back end
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Akzhol Abdulin
Graphic, Video, UI Designer, 3D Modeler
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Elena Shatunova
Lead community manager
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Anton Rylov
Advertisement and Marketing
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Yakimov Svyatoslav
Co-developer Ethereum.org
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Radmir Karimov
Backend Developer
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Select a cryptocurrency (btc or eth) and the amount of tokens to purchase. Add your ETH address so that we can send you tokens. Within 2 hours, get BTT tokens to the specified address. In order to accelerate application processing, send ETH from the address you receive BTT with.

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